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USMCSVRider 05-31-2012 01:06 PM

Awesome ride!
Rode about 400 miles yesterday, dang close anyway. Left out of Hendo on 64, rode it to Franklin, picked up 28 to Deal's Gap, and made 6 passes on 129. Unfortunately, the only thing missing was my old riding buds. Went all by my lonesome. I'd like to say I met some nice folks up there, but for some reason there was a feeling of hostility in the air, seems like a TON of out-of-towner Harley folks. I heard some funny conversation though, some grandma aged woman talking about how "Harley guys are smarter than crotch rocket" guys. It was amusing to say the least, as she quite possibly was the dumbest person I have heard speak in awhile, or at least extemely ignorant. Seems like alot of rider etiquette is gone too, on the road. Anyhow, aside from that stuff, a great ride! :ok:

davbrok 06-09-2012 04:46 PM

Re: Awesome ride!
That is a nice ride.. I pick up 28 in Wallhalla SC and ride it all the way up to The Dragon. Im always on my own as well. Kinda sucks sometimes, but then again I can go at my own pace and take my time...

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