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Default Re: 1916 Motorcycle Journal

Originally Posted by RyanK
That was a GREAT read. Thank you so much for sharing that. I can't believe how much oil he used!!!
If the bike was like some of the early Harleys, and IIRC, the oil system could be a total-loss system. The Knucklehead was the first Harley to have valve covers (rocker covers) to keep the oil in the engine. This is one reason why a lot of the earilest cars and bikes smoked a lot....they were blowing oil all over the place.

This may not be the same model bike he was riding, but it is a 1916 Indian. This one appears to be of a flat-head design...

This is a 1914 Cyclone motorcycle. If you look at the engine, you can see that the valve stems and valve springs are exposed...

This is a 1915 Indian 8-valve boardtrack racer. You can see the exposed valves and springs on it, too...

Edit - I didn't think about it, but further research shows that Indian offered a one-year model, 1916 Featherweight Model K that was a two-stroke.


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