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Default Re: Vicki Got Crashed...

Originally Posted by RyanK
I want to help, and have an idea, but I need more details on what all you're thinking. Please call me. I"ll PM you my number....
It's late, so I'll try to remember to call you tomorrow...

Vicki and I were thinking about her situation and kept trying to think of a way to help her be able to walk. We bounced a few ideas off of each other and I started looking on the Internet trying to figure out if our favorite, ideal design has already been manufactured (like her Pingel electric shifters), and naturally, I won't become a millionaire (again)...

This is 98% what we were thinking would solve her current immobility issue...

The only problem is that Vicki needs a 0-degree angle on her knee. I'm going to try to contact the manufacturer the next day they are open and try to talk to an engineer/designer about needing a 0-degree angle on the knee. If they don't have one and need to make a prototype, I know Vicki would be more than happy to test the prototype out for the next 8-12 weeks. I thought about buying one and simply making two new side rails, but I'm afraid they may not offer one because there may be a support concern if the leg is perfectly vertical. I'd hate to buy one, butcher it up, and then find out I just wasted the money and time. I'm hoping they are open tomorrow, as they weren't this evening when I tried to call them.

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