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Default Re: Vicki Got Crashed...

This was a fun and interesting thread to reread from start to finish. I finished Vicki's book about a month ago and some of the things mentioned in this thread are in it. The cover pretty much remained the same, the SaddleSore 1000 is in it, and the time we both crashed while in front of Stretch on 215 is in it, also. I thought the book was 3/4 done when I started to finish it up 13 months ago, but I wound up writing more than what I had existing at the time. There were a lot more details and stories to add before we called it finished.

I'm actually almost done with the second book. It basically only covers the last accident, dealing with the insurance companies and lawyer, reinvesting most of the settlement to help with life-long medical expenses, and the status of her injuries the last few years. Our lawyer had us keep journals the first 2-3 months after this last accident, so that is the bulk of this book. You get to see how the accident affected her and the whole family.

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