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Default Re: Specialty Tool Loaner Program

Blind Hole Bearing Puller, Motion Pro Vacuum Carb Sync tool, wheel bearing removal, sync carbs/fuel injectors, Wanderer13
Electric Pressure Washer, clean stuff up, ChadInc
Motion Pro Chain Breaker & Press, remove/install chain, Mach VIII
RK Chain Breaker/ Riveter rocketman1098S N Central NC
Castle Socket for Swing Arm 32 o r36mm?, Adjustable Spanner Wrench w/ 3/8" slot -torque steering head and doesn't mar your nuts, Traxxion Dynamics spring compressor and bleeder tool (other fork tools too for showa forks), Mercury Carb Synch, Compression/Leak down guages, pit-bulls stands, miti vac, I have more i can't think of - just pm me. Tim aka MrStinky Huntersville, Lake Norman Area
Wellbutrin Settlement

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