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Default Re: Vicki Got Crashed...

Originally Posted by RyanK
Prayed for her all day yesterday. How'd the first surgery go?
Seemed to go fairly well, but now she isn't supposed to put any weight on that leg. They are saying up to 12 weeks of basicly being an invalid, which she is NOT happy about. They are talking now about sending her home and us renting a hospital bed for the house. To do this, I will need to build a ramp/small deck to get her in the house with a wheel chair. Once at the house, though, there isn't much of anything she can do. I think I may try to build a deck/ramp for the front door to the house tomorrow.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do about work, child care, and getting Audrey to school and back. What makes this nearly impossible is that I work 7am-5pm on Monday and 4pm-2am Tues-Thurs. My schedule is so fucked that it is impossible to work out anything. I'll probably have to hire someone to come to the house and take care of our daughter.....if anyone wants to work those Eff'ed up hours. I need to have a game plan very, very soon.

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