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Default Re: Vicki Got Crashed...

I was able to graft a 1994 Ducati 900SS front end onto the bike for transportation purposes only (the taper roller bearings barely work with the OEM roller bearing races). It is now a Ducamaha:

*Note - you may notice the tail-section broken right at the thigh area. The claims adjustor for Travelers Insurance did that. He removed the bolt and then proceeded to break the tail section. I assume he didn't realize that the release was for the passenger seat and not the driver's seat (which is held on by two bolts). You can see from the first picture I posted that the tail section was not broken and can make out that the screw was still in it.

Unfortunately, with it on the trailer, the separation of the tail section and under-tail panel looked more severe once up in the air and with the bike vertical. When I got the bike home, I decided to investigate further and pulled off the tail section.....the GD Mofo'er has a bent sub-frame , which is welded to the main frame. The real kicker to this is that there is no sign of the tail section being hit, or at least not hard enough to bend any aluminum. Additionally, I see absolutely no where on the frame or sub-frame where it is bent, stressed, cracked, or broken. The only signs are the two sub-frame cross members being tweaked.

Without any signs of the sub-frame being hit to warrant it being twisted, I'm questioning the straightness of the main section of frame. Vicki and I were both a bit upset and disappointed. I was really wanting to rebuild the bike for her. Now, it looks like we have three options:

1) Part the bike out
2) Try to find a good frame with a title
3) See about getting this frame straightened.

I did happen to fire the old bike up and let it sing a little. The poor, hurt thing sounded like it didn't even realize it is injured.

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