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Default Re: Another Winter Project

Originally Posted by Mach VIII
Cool/Interesting build Bill.

Just curious, but did you see the CX500 Cafe build out on that new "Cafe Racers" show? Wondered if that might have been a bit of inspiration. If I'm honest, I've always thought the CX500's were some of the homeliest bikes Honda ever put out, so I kinda chuckled when I saw that the guy on that show was going to build a cafe out of one. And I'll be damned, it came out looking super cool! I was quite impressed. Likewise, I really like where yours is heading.

Keep posting pics of your progress!

Mine started out as a Cafe Racer Build but, most Cafe Builders use clip-on or clubman bars. I installed european bars that will give a little more upright sitting position. Will get to keep stock length cables, wiring, & brake hose with the European bars. Installed a new disc brake master cylinder and keeping the drum brakes on the back.

My intention is to ride twistys with it, so will have to sort out the suspension, during testing.

Have seen several post about the Cafe Racers show on the CX500/650 forum but have not seen it since I don't have cable TV. I am sure it's a good show.

My inspiration was a black CX500 Cafe Racer I saw for sale on Craigslist in Mooresville. I called too late, it was already sold.

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