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NC - Raleigh-Durham, Eastern/Coastal NC/SC This forum is for Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, NC and Coastal NC/OBX,Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head, SC area members, events, meetings, and rides.

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Old 07-20-2012, 02:15 AM
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Default that sucks...and now i KNOW

as you may have read ..i managed to drop my bike and turn my left butt check a beautiful but painful shade of purple with black highlights.

my bike seemed to be relatively unscathed. i bent MY handlebars. yes THOSE BARS....... those magic long flat track bars that empowered me to over acheive with out wearing my self out or developing my upper body physique into some thing "schwarzeneger" would be proud of. THOSE BARS the slideways ll from omar's dirt track emporium are my favorite bars of all time. period.
and I KNOW BARS...
used to have 6 or 7 i would install at different times for different reasons. a now set of bars was like getting a new bike. almost every thing changed....wieght distribution fore and aft....comfort as to do the bars force you to "reach" or allow you to have your elbows relaxed and close to your side.....style/focus of the bike ie street tracker, cafe racer.....and of course power and leverage.

it is a lesson i keep having to relearn. leverage is control . leveage is power. fact. this is most true on heavy bikes with big diameter wieghty gyroscopes. do you remember the honda cb900f? ever see one with a set of clubman bars/clip on bars? may look kool but that guy is swimming upstream with out a paddle! he is easy prey for a marauding sr500 with a flat track bar and a wildman at the controls..'specially deep in the high country!

19 inch wheel...60 inche wheelbase...500lb + weight. there is no way in hell that a set of bars 28 inches wide are going to get the job done. and good forbid the beast fights back at the threshold of traction!!!! you can get killed that way!! the stock bar is nice and wide and features good pullback. just the thing for managing the physical facts of the situation.

the cafe bars may look kool but they impede cornering speed..reduce confidance....and render some situations "unrecoverable"

but this is stuff we all know ..right? so why am i writing this?

because after my "prang"; being a very frugal person (no money) i first tried to bend my bars back into position. the results were too ugly to talk about...i probably should have left them on as they increased the bikes theft resistance. took the bike to new lows! all the way from "UGLY" TO"BUTT UGLY"!

so i sorted thru my huge bar collection 19 bars. some i eliminated imediately. what i found out was that i am sensitive to the style or lack of focus on a style that my bike may have! could not believe it.... the mx bars were attractive but "been there and done that". also they do not have much pullback which didtates a forward seating position. since i like to keep my seating "options" open... this idea was rejected. had some bars off a bmw k1100lt but they were high and strange and i beleive a different diameter. i had super bike bends and daytona touring bends and this one euro bend looks inviting. but i just resigned myself and installed a bikemaster superbike bend bar.

so how'd it work? well aside from makeing my bike look smaller and more compact and giving it a definate cafe race look......THEY SUCKED!!

BIKE felt like it gained 150 lbs. the casual cavalier speed at which i could stuff a bike into a corner was gone!! just totally gone!! the old bars made me feel i could move the earth if need be!! the new bars felt like trying open a used can of paint with a teaspoon

they allowed line adjustments at the speed of thought . hands were always light on the controls and the bike was hyper repsonsive. this is a great safety feature as the bike could adjust it trajectory quickly and accurately.

to be sure i am a big strong guy and i can still get the bike on its side fast and smoothe BUT ...it takes a strong premeditated focused input to do so. muscling up on a bike is not a good recipe for stabilty. also wears you out and makes accuracy tough to maintain.

i did notice that the riding position has me out of the wind somewhat. it also has me thinking more about john surtees than jay springsteen.......more composed and less likely to "play" with the bike experimenting with attitude changes and line choice.

the bike does have more of a european set to it. and it still handles well.

it is just that the absolute care free confidance is gone. with this bar i gave up 6 inches of leverage and a good bit of pullback.
with the slideways bar i could spot trouble mid curve and just instantly radically adjust the line. bike would seem to "stub its toe" and head off in the new desired direction....

the slideways bar also allowed confidant trail braking . some bikes do not like this and can try to fight back. but the bar makes the difference!! allowing you to trail the brakes deep ddeep deep opps!!

so i lguess tommarow i will repeat today's project and see if i can find a nother magic bar with which to dominate my little thumper...

i actually have ONE....IT IS currently on my honda cx500. it to is a flat track bar . at least 34 inches wide--OH HAPPY DAY!! it is ugly and made of aluminum bar stock. the only reason i did not put it on today was that:
there is not much pullback, AND it is still installed on the cx500(not fond of extra work)................... ............................. ................. .................................................. ..that i want to see if perhaps my conclusions were wrong or distorted by age, brain injury, perception. etc.

in the end...if you are dealing with a heavy bike or a big diameter front wheel or a heavy bike WITH a big diameter 19 inch rim or both of those AND a gross weight of 500+ all surrounded in a bus like 60+ wheelbase......
YOU HAVE TO HAVE A LOT OF LEVERAGE!! --or you have to limit your ambitions/motivations.

LEVERAGE =POWER/CONFIDANCE/FEEL... ask wayne rainey and his flat track bars on his v45 interceptor...kevin schwantz on the yosh gs750es and later on the gsxr .....eddie lawson on the kz1000..and freddie spencer on the cb750f and his v45 interceptor!! world champions all....good enough for them it is good enough for madmotomike!!

take care
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